At Restoration Church we are committed to reaching people for Christ in our JUDEA. Our Judea is approximately a 50 mile radius of Citronelle, AL. Why 50 miles? Well, this is how far people drive to come to Restoration Church. So, we are committed to planting neighborhood churches anywhere within that radius. However, we seek and ask for the Holy Spirit to rise up leadership, and He did just that in Tim and Lynn Steiner. They are our first HOUSE CHURCH. Launched in October 2018, this HOUSE CHURCH meets every Tuesday night at 6pm in the home of the Steiner's in Chunchula, AL. Since launching HOUSE CHURCH many lives have been impacted. In fact, in this picture at least 19 of these precious souls have trusted Christ as the Savior and Lord, and have followed up their decision in believer's baptism.