Happenings at Restoration


Fall Revival

Sunday, October 23rd at 10:45am,
no evening service

Monday, October 24th through 26th
at 6:30pm

Music with Jody McBrayer and Restoration Worship
Speakers: Jared Darby, Scott Dawson and Algernon Tennyson


Concert with Building 429

Saturday, November 12th
Building 429, Cade Thompson and Jamison in concert at Restoration
VIP Event at 5pm
Doors at 6pm
Concert at 7pm


Reverse Trick or treat

Adults and Children
Meet at the church at 5:00pm as we head out to knock on doors and hand out free gift cards from MURAL CAFE. We will also include information about our revival and concert. Children are encouraged to wear 
costumes, but nothing related to darkness. Biblical costumes are encouraged! Kids can collect candy at the doors if accompanied by an adult.